Barn Kit

Barn Depot has beautiful barns that encompass the classic New England style.  A pre-cut barn kit package can be delivered and enjoyed throughout the country. All our Barn Depot standard products seamlessly integrate with the barn kit and we will work with you to establish custom designs that meet your specific needs.

Juroe Barn Kit 025.jpg

Design Specialists

Our goal is to design a beautiful barn that also incorporates all the necessary functionality.  Let us build you the barn of your dreams.  Visit our sister website (Circle B) to see a sample of the barns we have built over the years.  And the best part is that all Barn Depot components you see here are a standard fit with our barns!

sanford (21).JPG

Pre-cut Package

A barn kit includes 100% of the pieces and parts that you will need to build your barn.  All our kits are prepared the same exact way whether they are going down the street or across the country.  We offer pole barn or timber-frame kits; both are hardy buildings that will stand the test of time.  We will pre-cut and color code the lumber before we ship it.  The method minimizes onsite work and makes it easy for you or a local contractor to build one of our barns in your backyard.


Skilled Knowledge

We will help you every step along the way. At the design stage we can make suggestions that incorporate both style and function.  The components are built in our workshops with pre-hung doors and windows that just slide into place. During the construction stages we provide a project manager assigned to your barn.  Our team is standing by ready to help with all your barn needs.