Barn Planning - An Outline

1. Floor plan – Design & develop practical, user-friendly floor plan/master plan for your barn, encompassing the needs of the barn owner and comfort and safety of horses.

2. Site Plan – When locating barn site, take into consideration the following:

a. Driveway placement and access
b. Fencing/Gates
c. Deliveries – shavings, hay
d. Farrier/vet accessibility
e. Drainage
f. Paddock areas

3. Frame – What type of barn framing is desired and/or required?

a. Pole-barn framing
b. Bolted timber frame (full or partial)
c. True mortise & tenon framing

4. Ventilation – Horses need LOTS of fresh air circulation – plan for that!

5. Water System – what will work best for you?

a. Frost-free hydrant(s) – how many?
b. Automatic waterers – what type and where
c. Hot water heater
d. Wash stall
e. Sink
f. Toilet

6. Heat (if any) – what type?  Where?

7. Stall Size -  To comfortably suit height & size of horse

a.  Dutch doors for turn out?
b.  Stall front grills (standard, or with feed holes or doors?)
c.  Hay racks/fixed feed buckets, etc.

8. Aisle Size -  Maximum width allowable for safety of people and horses

a. Mats? Cement?
b. Finish ceiling? (No cobwebs)
c. Fans?

9. Loft - To comfortably suit the height of storage

a. Access – # of doors & hay drops
b. Stairs or ship’s ladder
c. Storage for hay, tack, or what have you
d. Living space/groom’s quarters
e. Vented by cupola?

10. Electrical –

a. Lighting
b. Heat (heat lights over wash stall, baseboard in tack room, etc)
c. Outlets
d. Phone
e. Cameras