Barn Planning - Next Steps

1. Planning stage (see "Barn Planning - An Outline")

2. Select builder

When selecting a builder, make sure you are comparing “apples to apples” on pricing.  If you’re deciding between several builders, take the time to go see barns they have built to be able to clearly compare what you’ll be getting from each builder.  Also, read the proposals carefully to ascertain what is NOT included, as well as what IS.  Keep in mind that one barn style can have many different prices based on the different builder’s methodology; conversely, a customer may have similar pricing from different builders but the barns are totally different from each other.

3. Create plans and submit for permitting
4. Begin site work

5. Construction process

a. Establish # of crew and estimate time for completion
b. Co-ordinate subcontractors

i. Electrician
ii. Plumber
iii. Painter, etc.

6. Completion (obtain occupancy permit – responsibility of customer or of barn builder if general contractor).
7.  Contractor finishes clean-up and move-out

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