Exterior Entry Door Package

Exterior Entry Door Package

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Pre-hung doors are built into 2x8 jambs, allowing easy installation into pre-determined rough openings. Door is operational once plumbed and secured to opening, only needs latch installed. Exterior packages have a pressure treated 2x10 sill, angled to the outside of building.

This door features our standard 2x6 White Pine frame which has half lapped joints glued, screwed and doweled.  Door is backed by 1x8 V-Matched Tongue and Grooved Eastern White Pine with 2x4 cross bucks.


Package Includes

  1. Entry door (pre-hung with zinc T-hinges)
  2. 1" x 4" trim 
  3. PT sill
  4. 7 3/4” Jamb
  5. Zinc plated swinging door latch, twist style