Stall Door Grill - Fixed Arch

Stall Door Grill - Fixed Arch

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Arched Stall Door Grill is a great way to dress up your stall door. Fits a 4 x 8 arched stall door and made out of 5/8" solid rod and 1 1/2" angle iron, 4" O.C., and black powder coated.

Square framed bottom with arch at top.  The solid rod grill is made to fit into our standard arched stall doors or retrofit into your own doors. Steel rod, 4” on center, runs vertically providing a secure stall with free flowing air and easily looked through to check on animals inside the stall. Full frame, 1 1/2" angle iron frame doubles as chew guard protecting your doors from animals which may crib.

We go to great lengths to ensure our grill work will keep your horses safe and provide you a long life of service. One of the ways we accomplish this task is by thru-punching our steel. Rather than just surface welding raw stock together; we punch holes into our angle iron and then pass solid steel rod through the hole, allowing us to fully weld the angle iron and solid rod together. This locks the solid rod and angle iron together, so that external forces do not solely rely on a welded union. Ultimately creating a safer environment for your horse or other animals.