Stall Door - Steel 2-Operable Grill + Tubing Bottom

Stall Door - Steel 2-Operable Grill + Tubing Bottom


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Originally a full metal door with round steel stock running the entire height, the two operable doors were adopted when air movement was a must and thru-door access was desired. Having metal doors with round steel bottoms provide outstanding durability and a clean look in your barn while also allowing air to pass through the door, especially at the bottom where air flow is needed the most.  This door style provides maximum visibility while maintaining a safe environment, ideal for foaling stalls.

As with all of our products, custom options are available upon request. Changing rod spacing and size, powder coat color, overall dimensions, design style, and other items are as easy as a phone call or email.


Please contact with questions or if more details are needed.

Package Includes

  1. Steel frame stall door with 1" rods on bottom spaced 4" on center
  2. Two (2) operable doors on upper half, made from 5/8" rod with spring loaded latch on each door
  3. 8' Track, powder coated black to match door
  4. Sliding spring loaded stall latch, black finish
  5. Metal Stay roller, black finish
  6. Two (2) Trolleys to hang door
  7. Door stop block