Transom 10' Package

Transom 10' Package


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Transom windows are a sure way to constantly allow light into your barn aisle, one of the most needed places in a functioning facility. Typically, transoms are placed above sliding doors, allowing light to pass through no matter if doors are open or closed; but also can be installed in various other places such as below the eave roof line for loft lighting. 

Our standard units are twelve inches (12”) high, to utilize the otherwise dead space above sliding doors. Constructed in Eastern White Pine, pressure treated sill plate and single pane glass sash. Various options available such as PVC trim.  If you have specific sizes needed or would like alternative options in transom design, please contact our office for assistance.

10' Wooden Transom with 14 lite, sash size 107 1/2" x 12", and to include 1 x 6 trim, 2 1/4" jamb.
R.O. - 111 1/2" X 15"
UNIT SIZE- 110 1/2" X 14".