Dutch Door Pre-hung + Hinges

Dutch Door Pre-hung + Hinges

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Dutch doors are a great way to improve the aesthetics and function of your barn, allowing a second method of access in and out of the stall improves safety and ease of turn-out. This Dutch door is sold as a ‘pre-hung’ and includes the frame with a pressure treated sill and hinges.  Latches, chew guard and hardware to make fully operational are sold separately.  Standard doors have half-lapped 2x6 southern yellow pine frames with 1x10 eastern white pine running vertically, other species available upon request. Bottom frame joints are pegged, sheathing runs full length of door providing consistency in wood from top to bottom as well as to ensure a square fit upon installation, will need to be cut to be operational. Glass for top half of door available upon request.

Package Includes

  1. Wooden Dutch Door (pre-hung with zinc plated T-hinges)
  2. 1 x 4 Trim
  3. Sloped 2x8 Pressure Treated Sill
  4. Kiln Dried Frame with 7 3/4" Jamb Depth

Custom sizes available upon request.  Paint colors not included with door slabs.